Extra Heavy Gel Medium Gloss 021
Extra Heavy Gel Medium Gloss 021


Extra Heavy Gel Medium Gloss 021

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If you’re looking for some extra volume and dimension, try mixing your acrylic colors with one of the Amsterdam gel mediums. These mediums offer a sharper, pastier texture and give your work, depending on the selected gel, a glossier or more matt finish. Adding more of this medium will result in higher transparency of the color. Due to their adhesive properties, these gels also work well for different mixed media techniques. Amsterdam gel medium Available in gel, heavy gel and extra heavy gel versions in both matt and glossy finishes Makes acrylic paint thicker Allows application of extremely thick layers of acrylic color in one stroke Also suitable for mixed media techniques Milky white when wet, dries colorless and transparent Waterproof when dry Clean utensils with water Apply at temperatures above 10° C and store free of frost


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