Transparent Gesso 000
Transparent Gesso 000


Transparent Gesso 000

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Amsterdam gesso helps you create the perfect base for your artwork on virtually any surface. It provides you with an absorbent surface after drying, which makes it the perfect base for not only acrylic paint, but for oil paint as well. Gesso can be thinned with water and applied either in thin layers or one thick layer to create more texture. This transparent gesso can be used to create the perfect background for your work. Mix it with your favorite acrylic color and the color will stay virtually the same as it is in the tube, but with the added benefits of the gesso. Transparent gesso can also be used on its own to incorporate the surface you’re working on into your artwork. Amsterdam gesso Available in transparent, white and black Provides excellent adhesion for acrylic and oil paints Suitable for absorbent surfaces that are free of dust and grease, such as canvas (linen, cotton, etc.), wood, plywood, cardboard and paper Suitable as primer for murals on (alkaline) surfaces such as concrete, stucco and brick Can be mixed with other Amsterdam gessoes and colored using acrylic paint Waterproof when dry Clean utensils with water Apply at temperatures above 10° C and store free of frost

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