How to deal with phytoofluorosis on tomatoes in greenhouse

One of the most dangerous diseases of tomatoes is phytoophluorosis, it is quite often possible to meet in greenhouse conditions. Disease with large distribution leads to the death of the whole crop. There are several methods for treating illness.
How the disease is manifested.
The phyotophtor is manifested by certain signs. On the fruits of the plant are formed spots of dark color. Rotting vegetables give an unpleasant smell. On the bush dried up the leaves and with time disappear. During the fallout of precipitation, a film is formed on the foliage. Also, the ovary and flowers are exposed. The most important factor in the dissemination of the disease is the high humidity in the room and on the street. If the precipitates remained for a long time, this will lead to the propagation of phytoophulas. Since the disease often subjected to infection immediately most of the bushes, you can stay without a crop.
What can lead to illness.
A large density of landings in the garden, due to this, ventilation and ventilation are disturbed.
Differential temperature difference in day and night, during this period plants have great stress. Before tomatoes, potatoes were growing, this plant was not recommended to plant as a precursor. In August there is a reduced air temperature and excess watering. The soil is very screened, there are not enough components in it.
How to handle the room.
There are special means for treating greenhouse plants.
Many dackets do not use chemicals, but they have high efficiency. They are not recommended to use during the collection of fruits, because they are toxic for humans. Because of this substance apply only with strong infesses and in the ineffectiveness of other means.
There are many drugs in the market, such as Hom, Cupid and others. Before use, you need to explore the instructions and breed in permissible dosages.
When conducting processing, you need to protect yourself by means of individual protection.
Also in the treatment of plants you can use drugs with biological action. They can be used without feet, the most effective means are backed, phytosporin.
You can also purchase medicines that are available in a pharmacy, such as metronidazole or trichopol. In order for the processing solution to more effectively, it is necessary to breed it with soap.
Folk techniques.
Funds that are used in the people are also effective and have advantages. They can be made with their own hands from undergraduates. The solutions are recommended only at the initial stages of infection, because they will not win the launched disease.
Milk solution. On 10 liters of liquid you need to use 1 liter of milk, the components need to mix and add several drops of iodine to them. Solution can spray plants. The procedure must be carried out at no more often once every 14 days.
Tincture with garlic. Add 300 grams of garlic on a boiled fluid bucket. For cooking you can apply not only teeth, but also the tops and leaves. Free Omegle Porn