How to disguise dark circles under the eyes?

With such a problem, many women face the bruises under the eyes. The reasons for the appearance of dark circles can be different: stress, lack of sleep, and others. Bruises under the eyes look unesthetically. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the right care for the lower eyelids and correctly choose the masking cosmetics.

Daily skin care around the eyes

The problem of dark circles needs to be used comprehensively. The skin in this area is fine, the fat layer is practically absent, the capillaries are located close. Proper daily care will help preserve youth and attractiveness. You need to competently pick up a regular care cream. It will help to cope with the problem of dark circles under the eyes and small age-related changes.

When choosing an eyelid cream, you need to pay attention to the composition. It should contain such substances as caffeine, hyaluronic acid, vegetable phytohormones, vitamins A and E, heparin. They help increase blood flow and remove excess fluid. If you need to quickly bring your face in order, you can attach hydrogel patches for 15 minutes. Replace them with cotton disks impregnated with cream. They must be pre-equipped in the freezer 5 minutes.

Masking cosmetics

Dark circles under the eyes can be masked with cosmetics. You need to choose the right tool and its shade. There are several options:

1. Highlight. This is a cosmetic tool that helps to properly arrange accents and allocate the most attractive zones. It is impossible to apply it to the area around the eyes, this disadvantage will be even more noticeable.

2. Consillion. It is usually used point to eliminate small defects. You can apply it with a thin layer on the skin around the eyes.

3. Powder. It helps slightly toned existing flaws, it is advisable to use it as the final barcode, on top of the consilert.

Select shades

It is important to correctly select the shade of the masking means depending on the color of the skin. The palette of shades depends on the manufacturer, some of them have a wide color gamut, others have a choice of several universal colors.

To hide the spots of purple shade, a consiler is suitable with yellow. If the circles have a yellow-green shade, a tool with an orange pigment will help to disguise them. The pink shade of the camouflage means helps to hide dark circles and refresh the skin, suitable for the age group 40+.

Soviets of specialists

Create the color of the face, and the zone around the eye will help makeup. As the basis, the primer with a silicone base should be used. Apply a disguise tool is needed point, then grow a brush so that there are no sharp contrasts.

Apply the consilet to the lower and top eyelid so that makeup looks natural. Warning from dark circles will help brightly scratched exterior corners of the eyes.

Dark circles under the eyes are a consequence of the wrong lifestyle. A healthy sleep, lack of alcohol and harmful food will help completely get rid of such a problem. Best Custom Cakes on demand on Cake Expert near you.