The man changed: in what cases the woman is worth forgive

Each man has secrets from their wife. Some of the young people hides the purchase of an expensive detail to the car, someone communicates to hide the appearance of debts. Having learned about such secrets, the wife will upset, get angry. But over time, she will definitely forgive.
It will be more difficult for a girl who learned about the treason of a young man. This act is not always forgive. But still there are cases, situations where the lady should take the repentance of a man, forgive him a novel on the side.

Konfito bakery treason

So called treason, to which a man goes to learn another woman, compare his worldview and her, make some conclusions. If, after such a treason, a man remains with his wife, then the latter does not need to be nervous: the choice fell on it, it means that it is the part of the chosen one.

Treason of easy behavior

Under such a treason means a random meeting with a young girl, a fleeting attraction to her. For example, a man could book an erotic massage in the sauna, enjoy them. This is generally impossible to consider betrayal. You can forgive this and you need, if this is not very often happening.

Drunk treason

Under the influence of alcohol, a man can make rapid acts. If a young man himself does not believe that if such a betrayal occurred only once, if he no longer gives any reasons for jealousy, it is not worth sharpen on a similar situation. Better just let go.

Friendly treason

If a family is a girl, that is, the risk that a man can change with it. If this happened if the young man admitted his mistake, repent, promised that such a thing would never happen, the relationship should not be broken. You must give the chosen one more chance.

"Target" Father Family

The appearance of a child is stress for everyone. It is especially difficult for a man, because he needs not only to learn to take care of the baby, but also to provide a family. Against the background of stress, a man can change, make a mistress. In this case, the wife should not blame her husband, but to provide him with support, give it the heat in which he needs.

Agent 007

The husband can thoroughly hide his novel on the side, so as not to give a reason for the experiences of his wife. So he protects his beloved from stress. If a woman accidentally found out about betraying, which husband hid from her for a long time, then she should calm down, take himself in his hands, think about how thoughtful he is, since he did not want to hurt sincere pain. Infidelity in this case can be forgiven.

On the second chance, everyone has the right. If a man sincerely repents, asks for forgiveness from his wife, she should forgive him, try to save relationships and make them happy. Играй на up-x официальный сайт и сможете заработать