Computer Security Overview Wolfenstein: The New Order


From the very beginning, the aircraft groups have lost many aircraft, facing mass squadrons of enemy jet fighters and dense fire of anti-aircraft artillery. Those few lucky people who managed to survive and get to the coast went straight into the steel jaws of mechanical Pankersunds or died under the fire of automatic turrets or elite SS infantrymen. William managed to successfully penetrate the fortress along with a small group of fighters, but he could not finish with his long-standing opponent.

After all, at the top in the high-high tower, our hero does not find a beautiful princess, which is guarded by the fireless dragon, that is, the general, but, on the contrary, falls into a trap, which is barely worth his life. Instead of the expected triumph in the final of the military operation, having received a severe wound of the head, Bi-Jay was one for one with death. Perhaps the hero would have long been on the light, if it were in an unconscious state, a drifting for several days on a small board, did not notice one of the fishing boats on time.

When the US intelligence agent was taken to the hospital, it turned out that the course brought the main character right to the shores of Poland. Unfortunately, doctors could not cope with serious injuries and left William in the ward, stating the vegetative state of the patient. After some time, Blaskovitsa is transferred to a specialized psychiatric clinic, where the protagonist in a helpless state, so say a closed inside of his own body, is forced to observe how time the time flows quickly. He sees how the situation in the hospital is gradually changing, as Sanitation holidays and how soldiers in German uniform are taken away every time patients take patients for their terrible experiments, but can not do anything.

It is one of these visits, becomes a catalyst for events and leads the main character in itself, and the Nazis surrounding it do not even have time to understand what the real murder was activated. But this is not all, a big shock for the protagonist became a completely unpleasant news when it turns out that while he was lying around at the hospital bed, in just a couple of years, the third Reich army seized the whole world and came out the winner in World War II, capturing US first, the United Kingdom and the USSR, with the help of nuclear weapons and the development of General Strasse, and then sending troops against its allies - Italy and Japan. Best negotiation training courses in Australia.