First day in the hall. Guide for newbies

Inspired by the advice from various publics in social networks, newcomers, as a rule, rush to the outer with their heads. Biceps, triceps, quadriceps and then once again biceps, bent lying with half of own weight, squatting with a barbell - there are programs found on the Internet. All this takes place under the slogan "Without pain there is no result." Familiar? Yes! Right? Not!

Sport classes is not just the desire to "rock" to an impressive size or to gain dream cubes. This purpose is to get a healthy functional body, develop stamina, dexterity and be beautiful and taut. Which one in a 50-centimeter biceps, when after two kilometers of running, the shortness of breath begins? The approach to sports should be competent. Why start your development?


This is a mandatory point before the first visit to the gym, which cannot be ignored. Regardless of gender, age, weight or growth, it is necessary to pass a common blood test (biochemistry), as well as blood test for hormones. In addition, it is desirable to check the heart and spine. Exercise, especially with improper technique, can significantly aggravate chronic diseases.

Create a training program

It is recommended to do it together with the coach. But without a trainer, classes are also possible. For the beginner, basic exercises are suitable, which are aimed at the overall muscle strengthening. Start with small scales, gradually increasing them.

Newbie exercises:

- Push ups

- squats and lunges with dumbbells

- breeding dumbbells on the parties

- flexion of dumbbells on biceps

- Planck

- Hall legs

- tightening on the horizontal bar

- flexion and extension of legs on the simulator

Do not forget to hold the articular workout to workout and stretching after. This contributes to the rapid restoration of the muscles.

After two or three months, you can proceed to the main basic exercises - becoming a traction, press lying and squatting with a barbell.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice

There is nothing terrible in order to ask the coach or more experienced comrades to control the execution of a particular exercise. Proper technique - a guarantee of health!

Remember about overtraining

Very often beginners naively believe: the more workouts, the better. This is not true. The body should relax! Otherwise, health problems, loss of motivation, lack of forces, fast fatigue, weakening immunity are provided.


As a rule, the hall come with two goals: to lose weight and pump out. When setting the mass, the main thing is to make a calorie surplus, while losing weight - deficit. Remember: Nutrition is 80% of success in the formation of a new body. Best education training courses providers on in South Africa.