Poetic images in the movie "Sampo"

From the gray old antiquity came to us the runes of "Kalevaly", a wonderful epic poem created by the Finnish people. In it, both in focus, and the harsh beauty of the "Thousand Lakes" countries, and the difficulties of the fight against nonlaskovania, and the deep poetry of the people were reflected. In the struggle of the fabulous forces of good and evil, we recognize the memoeen dream of the people about universal happiness.

Employees of Soviet and Finnish cinematography turned to the inexhaustible wealth of poetic images in the "Kalevale". From this extensive work, they selected episodes, which describe the wonderful forged by the Blacksmith Ilmarin Melnice "Sampo", which can feed the people of the country of Kalevala. Work on the widescreen color stereo film "Sampo", born as a result of creative cooperation of employees of the Mosfilm studio and the Finnish Studio "Suomilm", was completed. The director A. Ptushko told us about how this film was created.

Before you start shooting, he said, the creative group had to do a big preliminary work. It was necessary to master those elements from which the national flavor is composed, the unique atmosphere of antiquity and fabulousness, which we had to recreate on the screen. Vintage costumes, wornies, rites, morals and customs, details of the situation - all this served as the subject of our study. The group went to Finland, got acquainted with the terrain, where, according to legend, fabulous heroes acted and where the magic power of cinema was to resurrect them again.

Finnish scientists were given great help, - Ph.D. Vayne Kaukonen Philosophy and Professor Kusta Wilkun. Many episodes were filmed in Finland - in the Helsinki area and in the village of Pu-self. But let the viewer not disappointed, having learned that the ferocious storms of the North Sea we shot ... in the Crimea. True, we were lucky. The shooting was made in November - December, and usually the dazzling southern sky did not yield at this time in their gloomy lead heavens of Lapland.

The brave and courageous nature of our main hero Lemminkyainen is immediately described in one of the first episodes of the film. It sails on a log through a fiercely roaring mad waterfall. We shot this episode by nature, without applying any technical "focus." Blowing with a big risk carried out one of the best athletes Finland, duplicated the main character. And he did it not alone, but four times. With the fading of the heart we followed the tiny figure of a brave person, confidently balancing on a narrow log in the rumble of raging elements.

The epic nature of the narration required the appropriate scale of production. This entailed the construction of such enormous scenery as the "Louche Cave" - ​​the wizard, personifying the power of Mrak and Evil. It was the largest pavilion scenery in the history of Mosfilm. We recommend engaging a conversation with partners, but you can also just sit back and enjoy the show! Girls Roulette Live Cam Sex Best sexting app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and your laptop or desktop computer.