Symptoms of curvature of thumb

The accompanying phenomenon of the disease is a gradual decrease in the function of ligaments, tendons, articular capsules and muscles in the foot and foot lifting. At the same time, patients should know that these problems are not limited to a thumb. In fact, changes occur inside the front of the foot. Usually the result is the deviation of the thumb from the right axis.
The effect of muscles and tendons gradually translates the thumb into the bent and, thus, changes its axis. Initially, the skin around the joint is exposed to pressure, the skin becomes rough, and then the whole area increases aside. Later, edema develops, and the patient has problems bending a thumb, which presses on the other fingers of the legs, significantly deforming the front of the foot.
Due to the weakening of the ligorous muscular system, there is also a decrease in the longitudinal and transverse arch. The effect of internal factors together with the improper load on the foot will subsequently cause damage to cartilage and joints. Then there are painful bone outcrops on their edges.
Subjectively curved thumbnails manifests itself basically pain when walking and carrying shoes. The most sensitive inner part of the thumb in the field of edema, where the skin often blues and swells. Also swells a hasty bag (Bursa). Over time, the main joint develops degenerative changes that may be associated with inflammation, which is very unpleasant.
Stages of the disease
The soft shape of the curved thumb is not a very pronounced bump in the area of ​​the thumb, the problems with shoes are associated with the feeling that shoes are too cramped,
Moderate form - the formation of swelling, redness, increase the joint in the thumb, pain on the inside of the foot.
The most severe shape of the curved thumb is a significant arc of the thumb, accompanied by a constant pain when putting on shoes, carrying shoes, and also after removing it, it is impossible to wear ordinary shoes, intersecting the thumb in a bent position with another finger on the leg.
First, the stop may only be sick with the development of deformation, and then the unpleasant feelings calmly subside for several years. This gives some patients a false hope that everything stabilized. However, the wrong burden on the joints leads to further damage to the tissues, and over time, the problems appear again.
Possible complications
The bent finger is not only aesthetic defect, but also can cause very unpleasant problems in patients who often develop into irreversible damage. In the worst case, these health complications can cause the development of osteoarthritis and, in addition, sometimes lead to the complete destruction of the affected joint. On these advanced stages, as a rule, it is already impossible to conduct an operation and eliminate the problem.
If you suspect that complications associated with the deviation of the thumb from the natural axis can develop, consult a doctor or an orthopedist, which will conduct the necessary surveys and will recommend further actions. Best training provides on in Lagos, Nigeria. Find best training courses in Lagos.