So what is quality cosplay?

In the traditional sense it is a kind of "theater" of heroes. The whole entourage of cosplay depends on the imagination in the minds of the fans or other entertainment field.

The motto of cosplay is "no game, no life," and a popular saying among cosplayers is: "you have to prove that you are the only one who plays your character best. After all, you are him!" This is how the essence of this subculture manifests itself, and the task of the cosplayer is to conform as closely as possible to the chosen character. And just to make yourself an identical costume, it is not enough. Each cosplayer must fully reveal his character and his manner of speaking, copy his behavior, use gestures and phrases specific to him, show his character and thus temporarily become him so the participants and the audience would believe in his existence.

History of Cosplay

The origins of cosplay originally stemmed from anime and manga fans. Fans liked to follow the life of their favorite characters so much that they gradually began to identify with them, and, reincarnating in the images from the screens, computer monitors, manga pages to "animate" their favorites.

Now cosplay has become very popular around the world. In cosplay is very important costume, which will be worked out to the smallest detail, a figure similar to the copied character, high-quality makeup, and some character traits and habits.

What is it, cosplay?

Psychologists believe that it is an original way for fans of a subculture to express themselves. This type of costume play allows a person not only to unwind, but also to self-explore, get to know themselves and discover their acting abilities.