Successful Success: Voice of Love

"Voice of Love" - ​​the history of ascent on the pedestal of the glory of the Canadian singer Celine Dion. From childhood, to the present - Her Heart Will GO ON.

Young Alin (Valerie Lemarmic) since childhood dreamed of one thing: to become a singer. And it turned out that she grew in a loving family, in every way supporting her talent. Her mother (Daniel Fisho) accompanied daughter in concert tours; Brother helped in organizing speeches; The sister took care of the house and children. Her manager of Guy-Claude (Silven Marseille) on the first sounds believed in the girl's talent and did everything so that she would be easily accustomed to success.

It all starts with an unusual family consisting of 14 children, the youngest of which Alin (born in 1968), and they are all engaged in music. They form the Dieu Orchestra, which performs on stage, and the most younger member of which soon becomes their extremely popular talisman thanks to his excellent voice. At the age of 12 (after sending demo records by mail), it takes it under the custody producer Gi-Claude (Sylven Marseille), which will sculpt the "untreated diamond" under the supervision of her mother (Daniel Fisho).

From her first studio entry, her first appearance on television ("You should not seem pretentious"), a certified platinum album and concert in Paris ("songs are 45% of the show, you must make them dream"), we go to the next milestone: A huge breakthrough as a result of the lessons of the English language and dance in the style of disco, not to mention the dental work and the goal of "stop singing girls".

And then - despite the essential difference in age - love broke out between them. And since then the girl sang only for him. In the end, parents took the choice of her daughter, and the fans also supported the star couple. Alin and Guy-Claude went from tour worldwide, lived in a luxurious estate and gave birth to three wonderful children. What is the conflict of the film? - you ask. The answer to this question is not so easy.

What was the singer? What are her character traits? How did the insane worldwide glory affected her? What was the difficulties and obstacles that occurred on her ways? How did she pay for the good and love of the family and others who took care of her? And her beloved - for which qualities she loved him so devotionally, so undivided?

Unfortunately, none of these issues in the film are disclosed. We observe the scene for the scene for the banal chronological statement of the facts from the life of the singer. It is only worth opening Wikipedia to understand how saturated it was. What exactly the director was guided when choosing episodes - remains a mystery.

Although perfectly stylized for different epochs in the artistic plan, the film is completely deprived of humanity, emotions and - oddly enough, sincere passion, which Dion's songs are permeated, which she devoted to the main love of his life. Therefore, instead of spending time to in vain to look for answers on the screen, it will be much more productive to simply override the work of the singer: and there, undoubtedly, we can hear the real voice of love. You know that only here you can really earn so well and cool because in fact other sites simply do not allow it at all and for this reason I advise you to earn on this site because it allows it and I do not know other sites that also allow it.