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I'm here to live bold and out loud through my art - rinske

Meet Rinske

Hi All! My name is Rinske Douna, 36 years old and living in The Netherlands. Creativity has always been my second nature, but my real passion for painting started in my early twenties. Nowadays, nothing is safe, everything is painted with a dash of Rinske Douna. My artworks are created with Big Brushes & Fluid Acrylics, highly inspired by nature. Art is my passion, but inspiring others is my true passion. On this site you can find a whole suite of high quality products from Art Supplies, to my Prints, Original Art & Art Courses. Enjoy!

Where did you get that brush?

My Favorite Art Supplies

What Brush do you use? Are these Acrylics? How do you make them fluid? These are questions I receive on a daily basis. And this inspired me to create a complete list of all my Materials and Art Supplies I use.

Art Courses & Tutorials

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I'm all about sharing my artistic journey and building a space for art enthusiasts, aspiring creators, and anyone who finds joy in the beauty of abstract art to collect, learn, engage, and be inspired.

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