How to Make an Artist Signature for Paintings

How to Make an Artist Signature for Paintings

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Have you ever seen a painting and wondered how the artist signed it? Maybe you've looked at your own paintings and thought, "Hmm, I should really put my signature on this, but where and how." It's how you put your mark on your work and claim it as your own. A signature also lets people know who the artist is, and it is the finishing touch of  your artwork. Here's a quick guide on how to make an artist signature for your paintings.

Steps to create your own Artist Signature:
1. Initials, full name? Or both?
2. Select a font that fits your style
3. Choose your medium and location

Your Full Name as your signature

A signature is all about name recognition. You can use your Initials, but if you are planning to sell your paintings and build a brand as an Artist I would recommend signing with your full name. My own Artist Signature is build out of my Initials, which I use as a symbol (see picture down below) and my full name. My symbol is a mix of the R & D. This symbol is round and minimal, and fits almost everywhere in my artworks.

Decide where you want to sign your painting

The signature can go in the bottom corner, on the back of the painting or even on the side, or anywhere else that you think is appropriate. Just make sure that it's somewhere that won't interfere with the overall composition of the painting.

I personally like to sign my paintings with my symbol on the front and my name on the side of my acrylic pour paintings. This way it is noticeable and prominent, but not interfering with the composition of the painting. Also this way my client can decide how to hang my artwork. The date I sign mostly on the back and every artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. You can make these certificates yourself. On mine there is room to write: my signature, artwork title, date & type of varnish.

Choose what medium you want to use to sign your painting.

You can use a pen, pencil, paint, stamp or anything else that you think will look good and be durable. Keep in mind that whatever medium you choose, it should be permanent so that your signature doesn't fade over time.

I love posca pencils 1mm to sign my artworks. It is just like using a pen. This way I always know my signature will look crisp. Mostly I use their gold, black and white pencils, it depends on the colors of my artwork.

Write or paint your signature (and date/year) in the chosen location. And if you want to get really creative, try making your signature into a work of art itself!

Allow your signature to dry completely before framing or sealing your painting

This is especially important if you're using paint or another wet medium. Once it's dry, your signature will be permanent and ready to be admired :-).

Where will you sign your next masterpiece?

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