Acrylic Pouring A to Z

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About this Course

This exciting Step-by-Step Course is led by 3 Internationally Recognized Artists (Rinske Douna, Molly’s Artistry & Olga Soby). Experience the true joy and exhilaration of Acrylic Pouring. Even if you’re new to this artistic medium!

Our Mission

We combined our knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences to provide you with an in-depth systematic online course. In this course we teach Acrylic Pouring principles and techniques to help you save your time, money, and achieve consistent results you can be proud of.

Who is this Course for?

This course is for those who want a detailed and theoretical knowledge of acrylic pouring techniques, supplies, paint mixing, consistency, and color selection. It is for those who are looking to take their acrylic pouring skills to the next level. It is for those who are tired of wasting time and money on materials. This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate artists.

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What do our students say?

So far the course is so amazing and thank you so much. You three, Olga, Risnke and Molly, could not have done a better job with the course!

Nikki Manno

The Smart Art Course was worth every penny and offered three unique teaching styles and numerous methods and techniques from highly respected artists Olga, Rinske, and Molly inspired creativity and I would recommend the course to anyone interested from beginner to even highly skilled artists.

Jill Corbin

Just finished the course. Only complaint I didn’t wat it to end, lol. I learned so much. You three were great instructors, clear and concise. I would recommend this course to anyone starting out. A lot of questions were answered.

R. Saints


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  • Create stunning Acrylic Pour Paintings

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